• Unbound

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UNBOUND is a collection of personal essays on living with complex PTSD and the process of rediscovering sexuality after trauma. These essays discuss queerness, sexual trauma, sexuality, kink, D/s dynamics, mental health, depression and a variety of other topics that may be triggering or heavy. My intention in sharing this writing is to provide validation for other abuse survivors that may have similar experiences and to inspire a safe(r) space to have often stigmatized or shamed conversations.

My writing includes topics of physical and emotional abuse, trauma, depression, anxiety, PTSD, abandonment, foster care, queer identity and female sexuality. As a survivor of physical and emotional abuse, my writing has provided me with an outlet to share both my pain and joy. Please honour yourself if you choose to read my writing by knowing your limits, triggers and most importantly, knowing it is okay to not read it at all.

*Disclaimer: It is not my opinion that BDSM/Kink should inherently or solely replace trauma therapy, processing or education. Rather, they can be additional trauma-healing tools once the personal traumas are understood. It is my opinion that especially as trauma survivors, that BDSM and Kink practices should be practiced with trusted individuals who hold a deep understanding of trauma, boundaries and Dominant-submissive dynamics*.